Your event, with an elegant touch

If you are searching for emotional and artistic bellydance, you are here right. Your event will have a very special touch, full of elegance, energy and sensuality. Feel the oriental music through Karioca´s dance.

Karioca will delight your guests with her dance personality, charm and fire!

Oriental Dance Performances

Please be aware that the options below are just some examples for your orientarion. Every option can be custommized in order to capture your idea for your special event.

Base prices are listed below, but fee will vary depending on the show duration, total time on site, location, time of day, travel distance, and how far in advance you book.

Sabor Oriental

The good, if brief, is twice as good
Duration: 10-20Minutes
A taste of oriental show, with powerfull energy, very apropiate for birthdays or evening casual events. Professional dance, with a high quality costume and a mesmerizing dance!

Oriental Dream

Oriental Dancing is the poetry of the hip and upperBody
Duration: 20-30Minutes
A complete oriental show, very dynamic. It is perfect for an event with a lot of guests such a Wedding or corporate parties where the target is to be unforgettable.

Other Options

Mini Workshops in order to introduce oriental dance for kids/children ( 30 min).  i f you would like to have something different at your kid´s birthday this is the way. Please notice oriental dance for children is something very different than from adults. We will dance to oriental dance in a very natural way, try new movements and improve movility and flexibility

Mini Workshops for the guests at your event(30 min). If you think your guests could need some action to have more fun, this is your choice. We will try the basic oriental dance movements with nice energetic music.

Do you have some other ideas and you picture them with Karioca? Contact me