Get to Know me !

This video introduces myself in the magical arabic environment of Granada. Just to get to know me a little better


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Raks Live Madrid 2017 with Abdel Halim Song

Raks Madrid Live Experience.
Nebtidi mini el hikaya ( Original Version from Abdel Halim Hafez)
Organized by:Nesma Music

Karioca in 2nd Autumn Inspirational Weekend Sofia ( Bulgary)

Guest Artist to perform and teach at 2nd Autumn Inspirational Weekend Sofia Organisation: Nevena Tacheva & Vanya Petrova Chrography: Karioca Music: Kareaht Alfengan from Habibi ( Merecedes Nieto Vol 3 )

Leylet Hob Hafla ( Summer 2017)

Summer Hafla 2017

Munich Festival ( Bellydance Competition 2 Edition)

Munich Festival

Guitarre Solo and dance

Guitar Solo in Winter Hafla

Piano Improvisitation and dance

Piano Improvisation

DanceDate Frankfurt . A show to remember 2 -organized by Angelina

Performance by DanceDate Frankfurt – Tahala Festival organized by: Angelina

Total Oriental Karioca HD

Tarab, performance at the Festival Total Oriental Nürnberg organized by Enussah

Flamenco Oriental con solo de Guitarra y percusión

Flamenco Oriental con solo de Guitarra y percusión en el fin de curso flamenco organizado por Nati Blanco

Karioca Granada Art Oriental Show

Karioca Granada Art Oriental Show. Festival organized by Federica Masi and myself