Karioca, Oriental Dance Artist

My hometown

is in Granada, Andalusia which means “land of sun”. Since I was little, I was very interested in music and dance.I attended flamenco lessons, ballet and even rhythmic gymnastics. I also learnt classical guitar at the conservatory for seven years and drums at the music school

It was with oriental dance where I discovered myself and the pure feeling about music. My target would be to show how powerful and elegant this dance (egyptian style)can be and respect the traditions where this dance came from.



I live in a constant learning status, always searching for new ideas and inspirations. I have got 3 certifications so far with Momo Kadous, Ana Saeda and Federica Masi. I am a member of the company Edmodous, directed by Momo Kadous
In 2011/2012 I had the honor to be part of the oriental dance ensemble Apsara both directed by Federica MasiDance first. I travel around very often to international festivals. Among my influences  are Farida Fahmmy, Bozenka, Aida Bogomolova, Randa Kamel, Mercedes Nieto, Tito Seif, Mohammed Sahin



November 2013 2nd Winner Solo Rising Star Category “Egyptian Dream” Vienna
November 2014 3rd Winner Solo Professional Category “Egyptian Dream” Vienna

Contact me! Make your event very special with a touching performance full of emotions, femenity and energy.


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December 2015 Weihnachtsparty by Das Land der Rosen (Erlangen) November 2015 Flowers of Cairo Show ( Frankfurt am Main ) November 2015 Open Gala Oriental Love ( Belgrade ) September 2015 Hafla Dance Date by Angelina ( Frankfurt am Main) July 2015 Fin de Curso Flamenco ( Cologne) Mai 2015 MKC Show (Zurich ) Mai 2015 BVTO Show ( Bonn ) April 2015 Granada Art Oriental Gala Show ( Granada ) Open Stage World of Orient ( Hannover ) Open Gala Nawar Festival ( Slovenia )


Private lessons in Cologne
Workshop in Festival Im Zeichen of Orient “Sense of Flamenco ”
2013 Regular course by Some simple Steps (Passau )
2013 Assistant of MOmo Kadous in Workshops ( Madrid )
2011 Private lessons and teacher replacements ( Granada )



Granada Art Oriental is an event ( Dance convention ) which gather international oriental dance artists in the city of Granada which has a very strong Al-Andalus legacy. I was in charge of the international relationships. The whole communication with the artists, contracts . Besides that I was also in charge of the official webpage of the festival, either the backend as the frontend behavior and appearance. If you would like to figure more about this event check the official site of the festival or follow us in facebook