Dance Lessons

Karioca has a solid formation in oriental dance. She has also the capacity to bring her knowledge to her students and transmit her passion and respect for this dance.

From beginner level until more advanced you can start or improve your technique and your way to express your personality through this dance. You are all always welcome to try and join us !

Every Summer a Hafla ( arabic Party ) takes place where the students will have the chance ( it is not mandatory) to dance the choreographies that we learn during the course.

Nach dem ich mir ein Paar Bauchtanz Kurse angeguckt habe bin ich auf Karioca gestoßen &sofort stand für mich fest das ich von ihr unterrichtet werden möchte.
Sie hat einen Schönen Tanzstil,erklärt die Schritte gut und mit ihrer offenen und freundlichen art macht das Tanzen auch richtig viel Spaß.


Karioca- an amazing women, bellydancer and teacher!
She is do-er with a lot of passion that drives her.
Karioca is dancing through live and at the same time always hard working.
A soul that is on fire and a source of inspiration.
When Karioca dances she can take you away in to another world..
And she is not only an amazing dancer but also the best teacher i could imagine! Patient and creative she teaches us the love to oriental dance and music! Thank you so much for everything!


Eres una pedazo de profesora! Con tu fuerza, tu naturalidad y tu pasión por la danza oriental haces que las clases sean superamenas y divertidas. Gracias por enseñarnos, motivarnos y hacer que nos superemos a nosotras mismas!

Maria del Mar