Workshops with Karioca

Variety of topics with a high quality, prepared with dedication and an elegant style. There a lot of different topics to work at. If you are interested in organizing a workshop with me and you don´t know what would you like me to teach I will drop here a couple of ideas for you, but I am opened to your suggestions


Tarab Music is refined music and has a big complexity. Its lyrics are in a poetic language. The main of this music are Om Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Warda and Mohamed Abdel Wahad. It is important to understand the different layers of this deep music and also the key words to make the dance related to the song. These songs deserve a lot of respect and they should be study carefully. In this workshop we will study a tarab music song. We will learn a nice choreography but most importantly how to transmit the message of the song.


Isis Wings are a fantasy element , introduced  in the last years in Oriental dance routines  in order to make the entrance more masterful  and colorful. In this workshop we learn the basic technique,  how to use it, deal with it, the right posture, the finger and hands positions…and we will go further with some combinations for different levels, from beginner ones until more challenging ones


Flamenco and oriental dance are two very different dance styles, which at the same time have some similarities. In this workshop I will teach you the flamenco basics, and the main expression differences with oriental. Besides,  I will explain to you how to choose a proper song for this kind of fusion( which requirements should have). We will work on the technique we learnt with some nice flamenco oriental combinations and even, I can create a choreo for the workshop.


Drum Solo is distinguished  by precise movements and an absolute control of body isolation. In this workshop, I will explain some tricks to improve your isolation, how to strengthen the musculature and make your movements transitions more dynamic. After that, either we work on some combinations ( easy ones or more challenging ones). If you would like to, I can also work with a live percussionist, and explain how to dance the different Arabic rhythms and more importantly how to keep the communication between the musician and the dancer on the stage

classic Oriental / Mejancé or Raks Sharki

Oriental Routine, where some modern and ballet elements are also present. Difficult and fast turns with a rich dynamism.  The entrance can also include a dance element like a veil or isis wings.  However the oriental feeling stays and keeps its natural essence. Music is fast-flowing introducing some folklore fragments ( baladi,saidi or khaleegy). It can also include a short drum solo. This workshop will require some dance experience or students who are solid with dance technique.

Lyrical / arabic pop music

Choreography, technique and movements  to an arabic pop song. Songs which are currently a boom   in the arabic music scene. We will study the lyrics and interpretation through the dance. Among the main artists at the moment are Wael Kfoury or Nancy Ajram.


Shaabi is a folk dance.  Its tradition is very bound to baladi. The first considered shaabi songs were also baladi ones. We will make a music journey, from the first shaabis songs  until the current and modern ones and even Mahraganat. We will learn some combinations and ways to dance shaabi.Of course if you would like to I can prepare a whole shaabi choreography.


Baladi is also a folk dance very established in the egyptian culture. For the stage, the style and costumes were refined, but still the style keeps the essence and the emotional connection with the music. Essentially is pure improvisation. If you create a choreo on a baladi music, at least shouldn´t give the feeling that you are dancing a choreography.  Although it looks easy to dance, it is one of the most challenging to satisfy. We will study how improvise on taksim( instrument solos) , usual rhythms in baladi music and some sequences with baladi mime


Veil is also a fantasy element, integrated in oriental dance. Nowadays most used the silk veil.  In this workshop we will work on the essential technique  and try some original combinations. The Veil is a versatile element, which looks beautiful so much as in solos as in group performances. It is also often used as entrance into the stage , because of its attractive effect.


Khaleegy,danza del golfo pérsico y con una vestimenta que nada se acerca a lo que la gente tiene de imagen de la danza oriental. Túnicas anchas,pero muy decoradas , y joyería muy opulenta.  La sensualidad en la insinuación.  Baile con las manos, muñecas  y mucha danza con el pelo. Es una danza muy coqueta  y con una melodia y ritmos particulares.  Veremos los movimientos, el feeling de este baile y una coreografia cortita.


Folclore tradicionalmente bailado en el alto egipto (sur).Se caracteriza por un estilo alegre, saltos, y muy dinámico. Se puede bailar con o sin bastón. Por supuesto la delicadeza femenina se sigue manteniendo en este baile energético. En el taller veremos la técnica de bastón, y lindas combinaciones con él. Para niveles más avanzados, se puede organizar un doble asssaya ( con dos bastones)