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Oriental dance, or more specifically, raks sharki, is a dance with origins in Egypt but has adopted elements from Western classical dance. It is a sensual yet complex dance. Over the years, Karioca has organized and been part of several projects and events to give more visibility to this beautiful art.

Granada Art Oriental




Cologne Live




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International Festival

Granada art oriental

Granada Art Oriental was an international festival held in 2015 in Granada, Spain. It was a congress aimed at promoting Oriental dance and an opportunity to learn from great international teachers. The festival featured two international galas in prestigious theaters of the city (La Chumbera and Isabel la Católica), workshops taught by guest teachers, as well as training sessions and events to explore Granada. The invited teachers were Nesma (Spain), Aida Bogomolova (Russia), Rafael Jimenez (Spain), and Ehab Ali (Egypt).


Federica Masi y Karioca


As a bellydancer

 Holofernes Theater in Bonn

the story from the Old Testament unfolds about the beautiful widow Judith. When the people of Bethulia can no longer afford their tribute to Assyria, King Nebuchadnezzar sends his general Holofernes to remind the city of the debt payment with reprisals. As the people are on the brink of starvation, Judith decides to go to the Assyrian camp and seduce the general.

Holofernes is captivated by Judith’s beauty and spends the night with her. After he falls asleep drunk, Judith cuts off his head, freeing her people from the Assyrians. While Judith from the Old Testament is celebrated for her deed and then leads a long life, Hebbel changes the ending in his drama «Judith» and Reznicek in his opera. Judith isn’t as calculating with them, but to her own dismay, she feels some affection for Holofernes. It becomes an internal struggle for her to kill the commander while he sleeps. In the end, she doesn’t want to be celebrated by the people for her deed, but instead requests to be killed because she couldn’t bear the idea of bearing a child from the man she killed. When the people reject this request, she takes her own life.

Entrevista a Karioca realizada por el director 


This interview is in german


Osias, Sumo Sacerdote de Bethulien – Daniel Pannermayr
Judith-Johanni van Oostrum



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The Spanish-born dancer has a solid background and knowledge in oriental dance. She has performed on many European stages, captivating audiences and winning several competitions and awards. The artist, now based in Cologne, often travels to participate in internationally renowned festivals and continues to train at major events in this art form. Additionally, she is the organizer of the international festival «Granada Art Oriental» in her hometown, Granada, Spain. Her style is defined by emotion, passion, and energy.

The whole live music experience

Cologne live – «Connections»

Cologne Live is a festival held in Cologne, Germany, where everything, from performances to workshops, features live musicians. The musicians are professionals in Arabic and Middle Eastern music. It lasted for three days with a halfa and a gala, all accompanied by live music. This festival was very special because it’s rare and exceptional for everything to be carried out with live music instead of recorded music in Europe.

Producer, co-organizer, musician, instructor: Guy Schalom

Organizer: Karioca

Other projects and collaborations

Karioca collaborates with other artists.

Karioca has collaborated with other artists on multiple projects, ranging from one-off performances to music videos, motion capture for video games, or modeling for projects related to dance. This includes sessions underwater, for instance.

Karioca collaborated with the famous rapper Fard in Germany on his track «ÜFF ÜFF.»




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