An unique show! First-class musicians with professional dancers!

This event is unique in the area. Somehing like that doesn´t take place often in Cologne. Baladi Blues ensemble is touring all over europe, as well as the dancers participating on it. An exquisite evening full of emotions, exceptional artists in one of the most symblich theater in Cologne Ehrenfeld. A chance that shouldn´t be missed.


15th June in Urania Theater. 20:00

Platenstraße 32, 50825 Köln


Connect with music, people , dance and culture!

Both int the dance studio and on the stage! How many chances will you have to experience something like that in the heart of Europe? Experience the soul of Egypt and Cairo in Cologne.


I felt quite collapsed and blockeb before I met Guy Schalom. He has a deep knowledge and unique manner to teach. He always gives you a quite inspiring input to work at  and creates a very familiar and nice atmosphere in his events, which is quite important to concentrate in the music and the dance. He is always touring around Europe and now it is your chance to enjoy it in Cologne.  Another more reason to come is this city itself. Cologne is a mixed of different cultures which coexist, get along and influence each other.

Our Teachers

CologneLive will have exceptional teachers and choreographers who will inspire you  and put your dance into the next level.  Every dancer can get an unique benefit from this experience, from beginners until professionals

Guy Schalom

Momo Kadous

Ahmed Fekry

Cologne Live - Connections

The live music experience. Now possible in Cologne.