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Contact Karioca to check her availability and discuss program details. Using Booking Form below is highly recommended, but you can also reach her via email or cellphone. It is also recommended  to check the polices before you book.

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Booking Karioca

Booking Term and Policies

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Performance Terms & Conditions

Please be advised that due to a large number of inquiries,  performances are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. To guarantee Karioca’s  availability, a timely booking is recommended.

Booking Process

1. Contact Karioca to check her availability and discuss program details.  You can also reach her via email, or cell phone +4915739618669

2. After contacting Karioca confirm your booking by transfering the agreed deposit. Please note that the booking is fully confirmed only after deposit has been transfered. In order to secure booking, you can send PayPal or e-transfer to or transfer the deposit to DE45 2001 0020 0613 0782 08. Please do not send any money before you contacted Karioca. By paying deposit, you also acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions indicated in your booking agreement.


Space: Dancer requires a cleared performance space, that is safe for bare feet.

Music: The performance requires a proper music system. Dancer will bring music on CD or Ipod or cellphone.

Changing Room: Dancer requires a room to change costumes and leave her belongings safely during the show. Washroom can NOT serve as a changing room.

Delay Policy: 
*If the show time is delayed more than 30 minutes, the dancer has the right to leave the venue without performing, and still recieve a full payment. 
*If performance consists of two separate acts, the break between acts is 5-10 minutes, unless indicated otherwise in booking agreement. If there are any further delays beyond that, the dancer has a right to leave venue without performing, and still recieve a full payment.


* The Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.( Only in case Karioca couldn´t perform because of illness).
*  If the client cancels the agreement less than two weeks prior to the event day, the full payment still must be paid to the performer. 
*  If the client or performer must cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control the booking agreement shall become null and void, all deposit and balance payments shall be refunded, and both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other.