My ProJects

We need to create events which makes this dance art greater and  more appreciated and well recognized. That is why I drive some projects which I hope will make a connected bellydance community anad more people interesting in the legacy and the new development of arabic dance and music


A way to share the passion for this dance, get together with the bellydance community and give the chance to perform to the fresh/new talents.



 Inspiration need to be renewed now and then. That is why I organized now and then festivals in order to bring international master teachers and artists who inspire me and I think they can also bring more level and passion for this dance to the local scene.


 Events with much more authenticity and real feelings and emotions



One of my passions is to research other dance styles which could combine with oriental dance. Among my favorite resources are Flamenco and Hip-hop.

Dance with live Music is just more authentic

Every dancer should have the chance to experience what is like to have musicians playing for you and following your dance. In Egypt the most well-known and recognized dancers have haver their own band.


(Pronounced “HAHF lah”.) This basically refers to a party. A Hafla thrown by a belly dancer usually involves Middle Eastern music (sometimes live musicians jamming, sometimes just taped music), dancers taking turns performing for each other, and some open-floor dancing for everyone to get up and enjoy the music.

I started organizing Haflas in order to give a chance to my students to perform and gain experience on the stage. Another important reason to organize this wonderful events is to make the bellydance/tribal fusion dance community stronger. Haflas are more spontaneous and relaxed than shows which is also the perfect place to let all your creativity out and enjoy fully the performances and the atmosphere.

Currently I organize two Haflas a year:

Winter/Fall Hafla

Summer Hafla

Next Hafla will take place at Friday the 14th of June. It is a special Hafla because it will be everything with Live musicians. Here you can read more about CologneLive.


More soul and spirit of Cairo in Europe! That is why it is important for me to create and make possible to dance with a band. To feel the energy of the musicians behind you.  Ir order to bring your dance to the next level and empowered your emotions, it is essential to dance with musicians, and not just with taped music. 

You can still have a dance movements routine ( or choreo ) but still also the skill to improvise and most importantly to understand the music.

If you think, this could be an interesting experience for you, and you would like to learn how to dance with musicians, you could visit the next Live Music Event which I am organizing in Cologne. CologneLive will take place in the german city of Cologne, in the centre of Europe from the 14th June until 16th June. More Info!



International festivals with workshops, international artists and open gala and Gala show. For the first time ever, Federica Masi  and Karioca presented  a convention which took part in the heart of the oriental dance and “tarab” Muhashahat craddle. Granada is a very symbolic choice to emphasise on the roots, feeling and inspiration of oriental dance. This fascinating project will gather many wonderful international artists in order to further into oriental music and dance.

Besides dance and music, the participants had the chance to experience the Al-andalus culture and experience themselves. History, culture, art, science… the palpable Al-andalus legacy is still alive in the most magical city of Andalusia. One of the most complete cities in Spain regarding also nature and gastronomy.  Granada Art Oriental



 Being in constant development with yourself is not an easy task but a necessary one.  Being influenced by other dance styles is a way to go out of my comfortable zone and explore other movements, other musics .


"Wir sind auch immer noch ganz geflasht und erst so richtig jetzt wieder im Alltag angekommen. Es ist so wunderschön mit dir zusammen zu tanzen und die Leute zu unterhalten und ich finde das richtig toll wie du auch alles immer unter einen Hut zu versuchen bekommst ich bin immer wieder froh mit so tollen Menschen einen Abend verbringen zu dürfen."

"Ja es war wirklich ein mega schöner Abend mit atemberaubenden Darbietungen, dank deiner aussergewöhnlichen tänzerischen Kunst und der Hilfe deiner Mitstreiterinnen. Dana und ihre Mittänzerinnen haben mich ebenfalls mit ihren beiden Tänzen total begeistert und verzaubert. Dana ist eine wunderbare Tänzerin, sie ist sehr begabt und hat schon viel von dir gelernt und umgesetzt. Du bist eine phantastische Frau. Danke das es dich gibt."