The perfect moment to fill your event with art.

Every celebration deserves to be remembered as a moment of excitement, fun, and emotion. Karioca brings magic and a taste of the Middle East to your events. In the countries where this dance originated, dancing at weddings brings blessings to the new union and a prosperous future. But any social event becomes even more special when enriched with art.

Contact Karioca to discuss the details of the performance: duration, price, any special requests you may have, specific music you would like at your event, whether with musicians or without. Karioca will tailor the show to amaze you and your guests.

From weddings to corporate events, there are shows for every taste and occasion.


Corporate Events



How long does a show usually last?

Performances typically last a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour. The standard and most requested duration is between 20 and 30 minutes with a varied show, featuring 1 or 2 different costumes. When two costumes are requested, a 10-minute break should be considered between acts for changing. The break should not exceed 20 minutes, as there are often multiple performances in one evening, especially on weekends.


Price of the show

The price depends a lot on the duration, type of event, date, number of guests, show requirements, type and number of costumes, transportation, and distance. That’s why we always recommend that you contact us. We evaluate your performance idea and provide you with a quote without obligation.


Para que público están pensado los shows

The shows are intended for all audiences, including children. The performance will be adapted to the type of audience and the type of event, as well as the venue, to make the most of the experience. With Karioca’s extensive experience, everything is planned to ensure that the audience enjoys to the fullest.


How to hire Karioca

It is recommended to book as soon as possible, as Karioca’s schedule tends to fill up quickly. The initial contact is usually made via WhatsApp or email. If an agreement is reached, a call will be scheduled to finalize all the important points of the show. Once the reservation is made, an advance payment of the price is usually given to secure the date and time. The remaining amount is paid after the work is completed, as agreed upon.


«Karioca danced at my parents’ wedding and was simply extraordinary. I would hire her again without hesitation. I can only recommend her without a doubt.»

-Katharina Kardinal-

«We quickly reached an agreement over the phone and email for the important details of the show: program, duration, location, music, technical requirements, and round-trip travel.»

-cliente eventpeppers-

«Karioca danced for about 15 minutes. She chose three songs that, with their diverse rhythms, delighted us with a very varied show. The music was performed at a very high level. Although we are not experts in this type of dance, we had the impression that everything fit and was stylish. Apart from the artistic quality, the athletic component must be recognized.»

-cliente eventpeppers-



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